UKSSD’s food system programme
We know that the food system isn’t working and we want to work together to fix it.

Our food system programme brings together our partners in the food and beverage sector to switch on the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK, identifying opportunities to enhance positive outcomes and calling the sector to action.

Why we’re working on the food system
UKSSD’s flagship report, Measuring up, shows that one of the most complex challenges we face in the UK is the impact of the food we eat on our health and environment.

​By working together on the food system through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we have a focus for our collective efforts.

Mapping progress and opportunities for action 

During 2020 our Food System Programme partners worked together to explore the current state of the SDG targets relevant to the system. From here they have identified high priorities for action and future opportunities for collaboration within the sector.